Garage Door Safety Tips

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Do you want to keep your garage and your garage door safe? As you know, regular garage door repair services is part of the equation. After all, what can be more dangerous than a broken garage door? Use the tips in this post to keep your garage and your garage door safe and secure. You’ll be glad that you did in the end.

A Garage Door Is NOT a Toy

Never let your children use your garage door as a toy. It’s not a pony, and they should never use it as such. If you have children, the rule should be hands off the garage door at all times. That may sound strict, but it’s the best way to keep your family safe.

A Broken Garage Door Shouldn’t Stay Broken Long

The day that you notice that your garage door is broken is the day you need to call your local garage door repairman. This is because your garage door is only going to get worse, so get repair services as soon as you can. When you call us you’ll get a free estimate, so you have nothing to lose.

Keep Your Garage Door Maintained

You should also make sure that you get regular garage door maintenance from a professional garage door repairman. This will prevent a lot of garage door repair, so this kind of service actually saves you money. Some things you can do on your own are making sure your weatherstripping is replaced when it starts to crack and that keep the moving parts of your garage door properly lubricated.

No Car Unlocked

Never leave your car unlocked in your garage door. That’s not a safe idea. In fact, you should treat your car the same way you would if it were parked on the street. Simply lock your car when you park it in your garage.

If You Can’t Eat It, Lock It Up

If you store cleaners or other possibly toxic products in your garage, then keep them locked up. In fact, if you can’t eat it, then lock it up. That will stop a lot of calls to poison control.

If It’s Not Safe, Shelve It High

Gardening tools and household tools are often not safe, so build shelves and place those items there. That’s just the safest way to keep your garage.

Keep Garage Door Remotes in a Safe Spot

Garage door remotes should be kept in a safe spot that your kids can’t get to. In fact, they should never have access to them. You may want to put a basket on top of your refrigerator and use that as the spot for your garage door remotes.

Never Walk Under a Moving Garage Door

You shouldn’t walk under your garage door when it opening or shutting. Always wait until it’s completely open before you walk under it or park your car. It may take a minute, but it’s the safest way to proceed.

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